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Lawn Care Calendar

What to Look Forward to Each Month

• Schedule Holiday Lighting Now. Spots Are Limited.
• Reset Irrigation Controller to Fall/Winter Settings.
• Plant Trees, Shrubs, Vines, Groundcover, Pansies, Kale & Cabbage.
• Plant Spring Perennials
• Transplant Trees & Shrubs after First Hard Freeze
• Remove Leaves from Turf and Flowerbeds
• Continue Mowing until First Frost
• Fertilize New Plants, Rye Grass & Fescue
• Spray Broadleaf Weeds
• Mulch Flowerbeds to Help Retain Warmth
• Wrap Faucets, Disconnect Hoses & Sprinklers
• Always Water Before a Freeze & Cover Gentle Plants during Freezes

• Great Time to Plant B & B Trees
• Great Time to Transplant Trees

• Prune Shrubs of Dead Branches
• Remove Holiday Lighting
• Prepayment Discounts Available for Upcoming Year. Call the Office for More Information.

• Cut back Ornamental Grasses
• Prune Rose Bushes
• Check Evergreens for Bagworm Pouches

• Fertilize Turf, Trees, Shrubs, Groundcover & Container Plants
• Apply Pre-emergent to Prevent Spring Weeds
• Start Lawn Service: First Mow Will Remove Dead Winter Growth & Weeds and Encourage Growth
• Schedule Your Irrigation Inspection & Tune-up so System is Ready for Spring & Summer
• Plant Cool Season Annuals in Early Month
• Plant Sod & Warm Season Annuals in Late Month
• Plant Perennials & Groundcover
• After Flowering, Prune Spring Shrubs

• Increase Lawn Service Frequency to Encourage Grass Growth & Strengthen Root System
• Spread Grass Seed if Needed
• Plant Sod, Annuals, Perennials, and Blooming Roses
• Prune Azaleas, Wisteria, Climbing Roses & Other Spring Flowering Shrubs
• Raise Tree Canopies & Thin Out Trees if Turf Needs Sunlight Exception: Oak Trees
• Spray Broadleaf Weeds
• Fertilize Turf, Flowerbeds, & Any Plant Prone to Iron Deficiency
• Bait & Treat Fire Ants

• Plant Impatiens, Begonias, Trees, Shrubs, Summer & Fall Perennials
• Best Time to Plant Bermuda, St. Augustine, & Zoysia Sods
• Prune Trees to Allow Sunlight to Turf
• Spray for Webworms & Bagworms
• Spray Broadleaf Weeds & Nutsedge
• Treat for grub worms Now to Avoid grub worm Damage
• Watch for Snakes in Gardens!

• Plant Tropical Annuals, Portulaca, Penta & Lantana
• No More Heavy Cutting of Trees & Shrubs, Only As Needed
• Be Aware of Spider Mites & Chinch Bugs
• Reset Irrigation Controller if Needed for Summer Heat
• Treat for Grub worms Now to Avoid Grub worm Damage

• Prune Dead Rose Blooms if Needed
• Adjust Watering for Summer Heat if Needed

• Plant Mums & Zinnias
• Schedule Mole Treatment

• Plant Mums, Lilies, & Daisies
• Plant Warm Season Sod Now to Help Establish Roots Before Cold Weather
• Lightly Prune Shrubs, Red Tip Photinias, & Evergreens
• Apply Pre-emergent to Prevent Fall Weeds
• Watch for Aphids, Brown Patch in St. Augustine, & Webworms
• Look for Drought Conditions in Turf Grass
• Schedule Your Irrigation Inspection & Tune-up so System is Ready for Colder Weather
• Treat for Army Worms

• Plant Winter Rye
• Plant Trees & Shrubs Now to Help Establish Roots Before Growing Season
• Apply Fungicide to Brown Patch in St. Augustine
• Schedule Christmas Light Installation Now to Avoid Rush & Receive a Discount

I found All Star Landscaping on Facebook. Very professional & friendly. Always do a great job. I would recommend to anyone. Sharon Cates

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